Exhibit Space


1. The organisers will provide a basic shell scheme booth structure with one table, two chairs, one 5 amp electric point and one spot light.

2. The organisers reserve the right to rearrange the Floor plan or any part of it, venue, date of exhibition at any point of time without prior notice.

3. Use of special signage and lighting is permitted to all exhibitors at their own cost.

4. Additional amenities such as telephone lines, internet facilities, broadband data services, special electric connection, special lighting, additional furnishing, audio visual and hired manpower can be made available to the exhibitors at an additional cost by the conference managers with advance request and payments.

5. Exhibitors who engage the services of a management firm to furnish their booths should furnish a letter of authority to the firm to act on their behalf.

6. No temporary worker shall be allowed at the exhibition site after 9 AM on 18th October 2019 under any situation.

7. All Employees, representatives and hired workers who wish to be present in the exhibition area after 9 am on 18th october 2019 will be required to be registered as a trade member.

8. Exhibition booths must be staffed during exhibition hours and the booth staff is expected to dress up and conduct them in a manner consistent with a medical meeting.

9. All display items must conform in all respects to applicable safety, health, biohazard and fire codes and standards.

10. Public address and amplifying devices that project sound beyond the exhibition booth is not permitted.

11. Smoking is strictly prohibited within the boundary of the exhibition area and the conference campus.

12. All exhibitors must insure their exhibits and equipment against theft, fire and damage due to natural calamities. the organiser will not bear any insurance charges.

13. The exhibitor assumes the entire responsibility and liability for losses, damages and claims to the exhibitor displays; equipment and other property brought onto the premises of the exhibition area and shall indemnify and hold harmless the organisers as well as the owners of the conference venue and their agents and employees.

14. Booking of exhibition space once made cannot be cancelled and refund of money is not permissible.

15. Exhibitors cannot serve any eatables/snacks and drinks/beverages inside the exhibition area except with the prior approval of the organisers.

16. Exhibitors need to ensure that the exhibition area occupied is neat and clean and any storage material is not stored inside the exhibition area, however the storage material can be placed in the exhibitors cloak room to be provided by the organisers at extra cost.

17. Payment terms – # 50% of total amount at the time of booking of exhibition area space & sponsorship. # Rest 50% before 30th September 2019. # Written confirmation of booking will be given after the receiving of full payment.

18. All government taxes shall be charged extra.

19. Organizers reserve the right to cancel the booking incase of non-payment of the balance amount within the stipulated time period.